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BREAKING NEWS! Chaos in the classroom!

School Kids Start a Protest in English Class

Yesterday, on 31 March 2021, a group of school children aged 6-8 started a protest in their English class.

They overturned tables and chairs, barricaded the classroom doors and refused to come out.

The cause of the riot, according to Pedro Salamanca, the apparent leader of the protest, was that the children were sick of listening to nursery rhymes in class.

“It’s boring,” said Pedro, “If I have to sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ one more time I think I might explode. We want cooler English music in class, like what you see on YouTube.”

The children got in touch with local media to make their demands public.

They include:

  • No more nursery rhymes in English class
  • More modern English music
  • More dancing and moving around in class
  • More fun activities like karaoke and games in class

Teachers of the school where the incident took place are understandably shaken after being denied entry to their classrooms by the children.

One teacher, Amy Patterson, commented:
“They just went mad! I’ve been trying to find better ESL resources for them for a long time, but everything seems to fall flat. I’m getting a bit desperate at this stage. I hope they’ll come out and surrender soon.”

ELT Songs heard about the controversy and decided to step in.

We spoke directly with the teachers at the school and the children and struck a deal: the school will have institution access to ELT Songs’ content in exchange for the children calling an end to the protest.

We caught up with the teachers today to ask how it’s going using ELT Songs in their English lessons.

“ELT Songs is one of the best tools for kids to learn English!” – Natalia Jakubowicz

“The songs are really catchy and my pupils can really relate to the children from the video. The dance movements are easy to copy and they encourage them to move as well. Every lesson is built with the same structure, which makes it really reassuring.” – Virginie Mary – Headteacher

“Having worked with young kids for close to 18 years, I can honestly say that your songs are great.” – Bobby Smith

We’re glad to have diffused a very volatile situation in support of modernizing ESL resources for young learners.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for your free trial of ELT Songs so you can avoid any potential uprisings in your class.

We’d also like to wish all the teachers and students at Planet Pop English Academy a very happy April Fool’s day 😉

[While the story may have been an April Fools Day joke – the testimonials from real teachers are not! We’re thankful for your kind words, everyone!]



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