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Free ESL Songs for your Classroom | ESL Songs for Young Learners

Welcome to the land of Planet Pop: here we believe that everything is better when you sing it! If you’re looking for some free ESL songs to use in your classroom (or at home) that will have the maximum impact on your students’ learning, then we’re only too excited to show you around.

Our songs are written by music industry professionals and are designed to prepare young learners for the Cambridge exams.

We’ll be giving you a tour of some of our videos, introducing you to our Planet Pop Superstars, and we’re also pulling the curtain back on the ELT Songs method and how you can use these resources in your classroom.

But first…Meet the Plant Pop Gang!


  • Likes: Social Media
  • Favourite Colour: purple
  • Superpower: speed typing


  • Likes: making dreams come true
  • Favourite colour: yellow
  • Superpower: seeing into the future


  • Likes: travelling
  • Favourite Colour: orange
  • Superpower: cosmic navigation


  • Likes: eating healthy food
  • Favourite Colour: blue
  • Superpower: speed cooking


  • Likes: Sports
  • Favourite Colour: red
  • Superpower: cosmic super speed


  • Likes: looking after the planet
  • Favourite Colour: green
  • Superpower: healing animals and the plants


  • Likes: maths and science
  • Favourite Colour: pink
  • Superpower: data processing


  • Likes: fashion
  • Favourite Colour: all the colours
  • Superpower: changing colours


  • Likes: dancing and teaching English


  • Likes: Reading and travelling

DJ DanielDJ Daniel

  • Likes: music and writing songs



Now that you’ve met the team, let’s hear their ESL Songs!

All of our songs are highly intentional – they teach and build upon the key vocabulary that your students will encounter on their English curriculum, especially if they´re preparing for a Cambridge exam.
We’re going to show you how we break up our units into different songs (and let you see them in action!) that help strengthen kids’ listening and speaking skills.

Warm your engines: Conversation Practice

Before we dive into our songs we start off with some light conversation practice so young learners can listen for “the gist” and be introduced to the vocabulary. Our superstar Alice usually takes the lead here.

Free ESL Song #2: The Music Video

Next, our students listen to one of our famous music videos. These are high-energy, full of dancing and also repeat the key vocabulary for them and offer a chance to practice.
It’s a great opportunity to get your kids standing up and dancing to energise them.

Free ESL Song #3: Practice Pronunciation

Let’s slow things down a little… DJ Dan is a pronunciation whiz and he can help your students articulate the new vocabulary they’re learning so they’ll be understood by native English speakers.

Free ESL Song #4: The Vocabulary Rap

Our vocabulary rap videos reinforce the key vocabulary from the unit. We do this not just with our catchy songs, but also with the dance moves that are baked into it. This helps kids retain more of the vocabulary and lets them release some energy in a productive and directed way.

Free ESL Song #5: Grammar Guide

Grammar doesn’t just live in books and one way to make it more engaging and meaningful for your students is to put it in a song.
What makes our grammar videos so effective is that they teach grammatical constructions in a way that sounds natural. There isn’t any direct explanation going on, rather it’s simple conversations that model the grammar in a natural way.
Play the video below to join Kim (she’s our grammar girl) and she’ll show you.

Bonus! ESL Karaoke

Oh yeah, we couldn’t live on Planet Pop without throwing in some good old-fashioned karaoke! Each unit comes with a karaoke version of the song because this helps your students really put what they’ve learnt to the test (in a fun way!)
We want to help children produce the language by themselves .
The karaoke versions of our songs help them retrieve the vocabulary they’ve just learned (and retrieval has a far greater impact on learning than simple repetition).
Allowing them to sing to their heart’s content while relying on their own knowledge is a great way to make sure the new vocabulary sticks in their minds.

We’ve got room for you on Planet Pop!

If you like what you’ve seen here you can get guest access to 3 whole units of ELT Songs for absolutely free .
To sign up simply click on the sign up link and you’ll be sent your log-in information.
We can’t wait to sing and dance with you and your students.



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