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ESL Lesson Plan: Toys – Vocabulary Rap

Kristina T
Episodes 05:36 MINS

Hello everyone, my name is Kristina. I have been an English as a second language teacher for about seven years now and I’ve recently begun a school – yay!

When I first started teaching young learners I thought, ‘I will never be able to achieve anything.’ Little by little I became acquainted with the students’ needs and as soon as I met them the lessons became worthwhile for all of us. The key to my struggle was movement.

Nowadays, I plan my lessons in such a way that there is an equal amount of movement to sitting down. ELT Songs gives teachers an opportunity to deliver fun and active classes. That’s why I couldn’t have been more excited when they asked me to share my insight and experience on using their content.

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In this video Kristina uses her enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to demonstrate to teachers how to use Planet Pop Unit 7: “Toys, Toys, Toys” to prepare for a fun class full of English learning activities for children.


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